City’s aid ensures warm meals for vulnerable residents

08 Jun 2021 in Where We Govern

On Tuesday, 08 June, the Executive Mayor Dan Plato visited RR-section in Khayelitsha and donated equipment to help residents start a soup kitchen to feed residents in need. Over the past year, the City of Cape Town has allocated more than R39 million to an emergency food relief programme, going above and beyond our municipal mandate to assist those who have fallen on hard times due to the global pandemic and national lockdown.

‘This community reached out to my office for assistance to start a soup kitchen and I am pleased that we could assist as the lingering impact of the national Covid-19 lockdown means residents continue to struggle to provide food for their families. The ability to earn an income means residents can provide for their families, but this too is affected by the impact of the national Covid-19 lockdown. The hardship experienced by many through the loss of income is clear and we have a responsibility to assist our residents.

‘As a Caring City, these donations are intended to assist organisations feeding thousands of residents in need,’ said the City’s Executive Mayor Alderman Dan Plato.

We will soon reach a total of 350 soup kitchens benefiting from this programme, with more than 200 000 residents now receiving a warm meal daily.

Conditions for the City’s Grant-in-Aid funding encourages recipient organisations to partner with smaller community-based groups to deliver food relief.  This enables support for smaller community groups to keep doing their good work, even if they are not able to meet the stringent requirements to access these funds. All funds spent on humanitarian relief are regularly audited and allocated  in full compliance with the City’s supply chain process.