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After 10 years of DA government, what does South Africa look like?

What has the DA national government achieved and how has it changed all South Africans lives for the better?

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President Zuma and Cabinet deliberately resolved to break the law

The motion before this House seeks to set in process the removal of President Zuma from office on the grounds that he has committed a serious violation of the Constitution or the law. That is, in part, the wording of section 89 of our Constitution. This House is not being asked whether we like President…

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A broken man who broke the law to protect another broken man

Madam Speaker Honourable Members Goeie middag Bagaetsho Dumelang Each of us in this House today is faced with a choice. We can choose a future based on the rule of law. Where every person is equal before the law, no matter the position they hold or the wealth they have acquired. Where the life of…

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DA condemns EFF thuggery at Elsenburg College

The DA strongly condemns the thuggish behaviour by EFF aligned students at Elsenburg Agricultural College today. Students were assaulted with whips by protesting members. Yesterday, lectures came to a grinding halt as classes were locked by the EFF. We will be looking to lay criminal charges against this behaviour. The EFF is clearly sowing racial…

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CDA must do more to fight drug and substance abuse

Note to Editors: The following extract is of a speech delivered today by the DA Shadow Minister of Social Development, Patricia Kopane MP, in the National Assembly during the debate on the socio-economic impact of alcohol, drugs and substance abuse in our communities. Honourable Speaker, members and guests Today I stand here with a heavy…

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Rural communities suffer without toilets despite millions unspent

During a meeting of Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts today, it emerged that the Department of Human Settlements (DoHS) has been flagrantly contravening all legislation relating to the awarding of tenders to implementing agents for the delivery of the Rural Household Infrastructure Programme (RHIP). About 2,6 million households still do not have access to…

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Minister should clarify position on Nuclear Build Programme

In today’s sitting of Parliament’s Energy Committee, the Minister of Energy, Tina Joemat-Pettersson, shamelessly contradicted herself as to the affordability of the Nuclear Build Programme, the ANC’s so-called “silver bullet” to our energy crisis. The Minister stated that an affordability study will be undertaken as part of the procurement process, and is quoted saying that…

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Witzenberg train connection on track

I am pleased to announce two exciting rail transport projects in Witzenberg: The first is the activation of a commercial freight transportation train connection from Cape Town to Wolseley, Ceres and Prince Alfred Hamlet, that would carry fruit and other agricultural products. The second is a steam train from Cape Town station that will take…

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