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Time to arrest the arrested development at the NYDA

Honourable Chairperson The first five-year term of the National Planning Commission (NPC) comes to an end this month. And it is almost three years since Cabinet approved the Commission’s National Development Plan (NDP). So, three years down the line, what progress has been made in implementing the Plan? What strides have there been in monitoring…

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Bloating Presidency – South Africa needs answers

Honourable Chairperson, The budget allocated to the Department of Planning Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) has more than tripled from R208.2 million in the 2014/15 to a R717.7 million in 2015/16. This huge increase is as a result of transferring national planning and youth oversight, including the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) functions, to the DPME….

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Spending cuts on transport infrastructure unfathomable

Honourable Chairperson, despite frequent acknowledgement of the National Development Plan, the following aspects in transport hamper economic growth and development: Indecision & lack of policy implementation; Inadequate urban and – rural/urban mobility; Insufficient levels of public/private sector collaboration; Lack of infrastructure investment; Shortage of critical skills; and Performance issues in key institutional structures. Therefore, Honourable…

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Transport needs real action not lip service

Chair, Once again the Minister, and the Deputy Minister in particular, spent a considerable time with the Portfolio Committee during this budget process. My experience tells me that this is a rare occurrence and the Democratic Alliance therefore appreciates your presence during our deliberations. However, it appears that this is where it ends. Daily, one…

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SSA cannot continue to be a state unto itself

Honourable Speaker, Openness, accountability and transparency are some of the important, if not vital, requirements for substantive democracies to continue functioning. The optimal balance between the requirement for secrecy measured against principles of democracy is to be found in the intrinsic application of checks and balances. Although in any democratic society, it is understood that…

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Primary Health Care is still majorly underfunded

Last year Honourable Speaker, the DA highlighted the meagre allocation of funds to the programme for Primary Health Care (PHC) services. If Primary Health Care worked well our country could spend much more on treating disease and discovery research. The poor and most vulnerable in our society are the ones who still face major inequities…

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