Zuma Must Take Tough Stance On Zim Election Roadmap

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Zuma must take tough stance on Zim election roadmap

The DA calls on President Zuma, as head of the monitoring group of the Global Political Agreement for Zimbabwe, to continue his tough stance on ensuring there is a clear roadmap and timelines before Zimbabwe can hold elections.

The monitoring group of the GPA is currently meeting, ahead of the South African Development Community (SADC) meeting on Sunday, to determine a clear roadmap ahead of Zimbabwe’s national elections.

The Zimbabwean Constitutional Court recently provided an election date of 31 July. However, Zimbabwe should not hold elections before that time unless the necessary reforms have been made. Without these reforms, the chances of a free and fair election are very slim.

The GPA created clear reforms which needed to happen in Zimbabwe. These include the following:

 •    A constitution
 •    Security sector realignment
 •    Free media
 •    Freedom of association
 •    Freedom from intimidation

To date, most of these have not been met and will not be met by the 31 July election date. Most importantly, a recent report from Human Rights Watch has shown that the security forces remain in support of Mugabe’s Zanu-PF and that there have been incidents of intimidation and interference.

It is absolutely essential that President Zuma use his power as facilitator of the GPA to ensure that elections do not go ahead unless there is a guarantee that they will be free and fair. Zimbabwe cannot have another repeat of 2008.