Saica Accreditation For Bcom Degrees: University Of Limpopo Commended

About this Article

The DA Youth applauds the University of Limpopo for the steps it has taken to ensure that the University is accredited by the South African Institute of Charted Accountants (SAICA). The University is at the final stages of the accreditation process, which will be concluded after representatives of SAICA visit them on the 10th of August.

In my November 2010 newsletter, I highlighted the we choice fact that there are a number of universities, including the University of Limpopo, University of Venda, University of Zululand and Walter Sisulu University, that offer a BCom degree that is not accredited by SAICA. The implication of this is that graduates from these universities must undertake a further bridging course in order to have their qualification recognised.

Many lament the low number of African chartered accountants coming into the industry. The DA Youth is of the conviction that these unaccredited BCom degrees at the four major previously disadvantaged tertiary institutions are a significant contributor to this state of affairs, and believes that the Department of Higher Education and usefull link Training should address the matter urgently. I have also raised my concern as to whether students are informed that their BCom degree is not accredited by SAICA before they enroll in one of these institutions. If not, this is an absolute indictment of enter site these institutions, which are failing the African youth, in particular, through their conduct.

The University of Limpopo has shown that with strong will and the right personnel a great deal can be achieved. A special mention goes to vardenafil the School of Accountancy, led by Professor Ambe, for the hard work that has been put into bringing this about. The accreditation of the University of Limpopo will benefit the multitudes of young people in the province who have aspirations of becoming charted accountants, and should serve as a challenge to Walter Sisulu University and the Universities of Venda and Zululand to also work towards ensuring that their undergraduate programmes are accredited by SAICA.