Every Rand Counts

As part of its oversight role, as the official opposition, the Democratic Alliance has created this page to monitor the ANC government's excessive expenditure. We have done this to show that, very often, the needs of the ANC elite are put before the needs of ordinary South Africans.

Today, we are launching our Every Rand Counts campaign.
This is a campaign that speaks to the heart of good government. Good government in democratic societies is about responsible and effective management of the public’s resources for the public’s use. It is exercising a custodial role for money that is intended to help people. It is ultimately about serving the people. This campaign monitors where that trust has been violated in South Africa by various ANC governments during the era of the Zuma administration.

Our calculations reveal nearly R4 billion misspent on self-indulgent purchases by government members who have chosen to serve themselves rather than the people.

Our campaign is being launched in Parliament today, and online at at This website gives an up-to-date rendering of the Zuma administration’s wasteful expenditure. It also shows how many RDP houses are foregone by every item of waste, depicting the costs of this wastage in more tangible terms.

In addition, we’ve launched a Facebook-based petition. In its first few hours since going live, the petition has already notched up over 700 signatures. We will send the final petition to President Zuma, to show him how important proper financial management is to South Africans. DA leader Helen Zille this morning signed the petition. The petition has also been signed by ID president Patricia de Lille, DA parliamentary leader Athol Trollip and DA chairperson Dr Wilmot James.