Every Rand Counts

As part of its oversight role, as the official opposition, the Democratic Alliance has created this page to monitor the ANC government's excessive expenditure. We have done this to show that, very often, the needs of the ANC elite are put before the needs of ordinary South Africans.

Far from heeding Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s call to government departments, back in 2009, to be more careful in the way they spend public money and his more recent warnings that government departments refrain from spending lavishly on World Cup tickets, wasteful and fruitless spending by state departments and entities has continued unabated. This means that less money is available for critical social services that benefit the poor, such as primary healthcare, education and housing. In addition, many of the municipalities and state-owned entities that spent lavishly on unnecessary luxuries are themselves in dire financial straits.
The Every Rand Counts campaign illustrates a growing trend amongst politicians of exploiting public office for their own ends. This sort of behaviour does not help our country, especially in a time of economic recession and growing austerity measures internationally. It does not help our country when at least a quarter of our working-age population is unable to find a job. It does not help our country when the cycle of poverty has meant that the only income many South Africans can expect is a social grant from the national government.

It is arrogant and anti-poor. Today, we launch this campaign, updating similar efforts in the past. We will continue to add to our waste monitor as more instances arise, bringing home to people and indeed those responsible just how much money is being wasted instead of addressing far more pressing social needs.

We are saying to President Zuma that, in a country where one in three of the economically active population is unemployed, and where service delivery breakdowns occur on a daily basis, we cannot continue to waste billions of rands on luxury cars, prolonged stays in five-star hotels, tickets to sporting events, self-congratulatory advertising, and lavish parties. We are launching a campaign that aims to mobilise South Africans behind our effort to make the ANC government accountable for its spending of public funds.