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ANC running scared on motion of no confidence vote DA calls urgent meeting of multi-party forum

Lindiwe Mazibuko, Parliamentary Leader of the Democratic Alliance
15 November 2012

The decision by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Max Sisulu, to allow the ANC to block the scheduling of the motion of no confidence debate during today’s programming committee meeting is clear evidence that the ANC is running scared. 
Instead of putting the motion to the National Assembly, where all Members of Parliament (MP) could vote on the matter, the ANC would rather undermine the constitution and the values it enshrines by preventing the matter from even being considered. The reality is that the ANC is not confident that its own caucus would vote the motion down if it was debated and voted on. There are also clearly not enough ANC MPs who are willing to stand up in Parliament to attest to the President’s honour, integrity and fitness for office.
This is because they know, as do a majority of South Africans, that President Zuma has done little to earn our confidence in his leadership.
I have today called for an urgent meeting of the multi-party forum of opposition party leaders to discuss our next steps in the face of this unprecedented and unconstitutional closing down of our right to hold the executive accountable. Since this was a motion mandated by 8 opposition parties represented in the National Assembly we will together consider the options available to us going forward.
Today’s decision has not only ushered in a constitutional crisis, but it has brought into question the relevance of our democratically elected Parliament. Yet another independent institution of state is being shut down by the ANC to protect a compromised President.
We will not allow this sad day in our democracy to go unanswered. We will do everything possible to fight for our constitution and a parliament which is truly democratic.