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SA Today: The salutary story of Hangberg

Helen Zille, Leader of the Democratic Alliance
23 March 2014

 As I read the Public Protector’s report this week, I tried to calculate how many legal procedures had been flouted in the construction of Zuma’s Nkandla Estate. 

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SA Today: The Revenge of a “Worst Order” Racist
17 March 2014

It is intriguing  --  and difficult  --  to predict which issues will seize the media’s imagination.  It is often even more surprising to see which issues are neglected or ignored.

SA Today: The DA unites, the ANC divides: A case study of land restitution
24 February 2014

As several commentators have noted, any government with the track record of Jacob Zuma’s ANC should not stand a chance of re-election.

Yet, in the real world, it will be a political breakthrough if the ANC merely falls below 60% nationally, and below 50% in Gauteng.
SA Today: Zuma Rewards Inner Circle
9 February 2014

Note to Editors: This is an op ed by DA Leader and Premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille that appeared in the Star Newspaper and Pretoria News on the 6th February 2014.

SA Today: Looking Forward
3 February 2014

It is often said that the rear view mirror is clearer than the windscreen. It is easy to look back and say what could have been, what course of action we should have taken. It is much harder to press forward – particularly when the road ahead is obscured and littered with obstacles.

SA Today: Why the DA is Marching for REAL Jobs
27 January 2014

Note to Editors: This SA Today is drawn from an interview that appeared in the Sunday Times on the 26th January 2014 from Chris Barron.

SA Today: Why 6 T’s are needed to achieve the 3 R’s
19 January 2014

Observant “DA watchers” have noticed a perceived contradiction in my recent comments on education.  On the one hand, I called for an audit of the matric results.  On the other hand, I expressed confidence that education in South Africa had “turned the corner” and is now on the road to steady improvement. How can these statements be reconciled?

A Policy Offer to Redress the Legacy of Apartheid
25 November 2013

Note to Editors: This is a statement made by DA Leader Helen Zille at a press conference held in Cape Town today. The answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found here. The DA’s Greenpaper on Economic Inclusion can be found here. The DA’s Policy for Change can be found here.

17 November 2013

Irony is woven into South Africa’s political fabric. But, even for someone as immune to it as I am, this week’s debate on affirmative action hosted by the Black Management Forum took irony to a new level.

A plane crash that should have been avoided
7 November 2013

The debate in the media over the past ten days has revealed the depth of confusion regarding the DA’s position on affirmative action. I take responsibility for this. The purpose of this newsletter is to make our position unambiguously clear.

SA Today: A race against time to prevent "state capture'
14 October 2013

One of the main reasons for the failure of so many countries’ attempts to navigate the transition from authoritarian rule to democracy is the phenomenon known as “state capture”.