DA calls on ANC politicians and executives to testify before Zondo Commission over Transnet revelations

Issued by Natasha Mazzone – DA Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises
17 May 2019 in News

The revelations of the gross abuse of the people’s money at Transnet by the entity’s Acting GCE, Mohammed Mahomedy, before the Zondo Commission of Inquiry on Thursday is just the tip of a corruption iceberg which will expose the real rot at Transnet.

The amounts of money now being discussed relating to Transnet will dwarf that of Eskom.

Over the past decade, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has laid several criminal charges against the chief architects of capture at Transnet including Executives, officials and board members. However, more needs to be done.

Whether at Eskom, Transnet, Denel or any other State Owner Entity, when it came to State Capture the modus operandi was the same, the players the same, and the mission the same.

It can however not be that senior officials are the only ones who account before the commission. ANC politicians and members of Cabinet must also account, especially those under the previous administration.

The revelations at the commission cannot continue without testimony from the Executives who were responsible for these parastatals.

The Executive had to have known as board appointments are discussed at Cabinet level.

Unlike the ANC, the DA takes corruption and allegations of corruption serious, whether its externally or internally. It is for this reason the DA proposes that those found guilty of corruption face a 15 years jail sentence