The DA is building a future based on freedom, fairness, opportunity and diversity for all!

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is the official opposition and the second largest political party in South Africa.

Tracing our roots back to the anti-apartheid movement, our approach is rooted in the fight for freedom and fairness for all South Africans.

Our historic mission is to establish, for the first time in our history, a fair society which will enable the South African people to unleash their talents and ingenuity so that they can realise their full potential. We call this the Open, Opportunity Society for All.

We are the only party with a credible, proven plan to create real jobs. Currently, over 7 million South Africans across the country experience some form of DA governance where they live.

One nation with one future built on freedom, fairness, opportunity, and diversity for all.

– Our dream for South Africa

Why the DA?

One in four South Africans choose the DA as their political home, find out why

We are united in our diversity

"DA's different because it's a party that represents different South Africans...

Because we all share the same values and the same vision with our white counterparts, including Indians or coloureds – any other South African."