Privacy and Access to Information

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The DA is a political party and a not-for-profit entity. Our communication with voters is intended to encourage South Africans to exercise their rights in our democracy. The nature of the our communication is not of a commercial nature, and thus most provisions of legislation and regulations pertaining to bulk communication are not applicable. That said, we agree with the overall theme of the legislation and therefore we always attempt to comply with requests to be removed from further communications.

If you don’t want to hear from us, we want to make sure that we do not contact you again.

Broadly, you have two options to express your desire not to be contacted:

  • Act on something you have received from us; or
  • Add yourself to our Do Not Contact list on this page.

Unsubscribe from Email, SMS or Calls
You can click the “Unsubscribe” link on any email from us to be removed from future mailing. You can reply STOP to any SMS to be removed from future SMS messages. You can ask any DA caller to please remove you from future communication.

Add Yourself to Do Not Contact
To add yourself to our Do Not Contact list, you can give us a phone number and tell us to stop calling or SMSing that number, or you can give us an email address and tell us to stop sending emails to that address. You can also optionally give us your ID number so that we will never try to contact you through any medium.
The information you submit here will be added to our “Do Not Contact” list. It does not get added to your personal profile, and we will never use it for any other purpose.