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All DA governments to review KPMG contracts

The DA currently governs, either directly or in coalition, in more than 30 municipalities across the country and have now taken the decision to review all KPMG contracts to ensure that none of the work has been compromised by unethical practices. It has emerged that KPMG’s integrity has been compromised by numerous dodgy dealings with the Gupta…

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BOKAMOSO | State capture: SA must build a culture of individual accountability

Strong institutions require individual accountability, and they require strong individuals who can effect accountability. Ask KPMG, which is now under heavy fire for enabling and benefitting from state capture. They’ve learnt this lesson, but it may be too late. Their formal systems were slow to hold individual decision makers responsible, and now the entire organisation…

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NDZ’s deployment will cripple Parliament

The ANC’s decision to deploy President Jacob Zuma’s preferred successor, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, to Parliament does not bode well for the effective functioning of the Legislature. It is no secret that Zuma is seeking to re-assert his influence over the ANC caucus at Parliament after dozens of his MPs voted in support of the 8 August…

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