Why the DA?

The DA is the most diverse and dynamic party in South Africa. We are the only party to have grown in every election since 1994. But, more importantly, we are the only party with a credible, proven plan to create real jobs. Where we govern, we have delivered the country’s best performance scores in education, health, service delivery and clean governance. Everything we do is underpinned by one goal: to fight poverty and create jobs by growing the economy. Find out why more than one in four South Africans are choosing the DA as their political home by clicking the links below.

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Why the DA?


The Democratic Alliance is the result of many parties and movements coming together over the years and coalescing around the vision of One Nation with One Future underpinned by Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity for All South Africans. It has counted among its leaders prominent anti-apartheid activists such as Helen Suzman, Colin Eglin, Harry Schwarz and Frederik van Zyl Slabbert.

In 1959 a number of liberal members of the United Party broke away after the United Party voted against returning land to the black majority. The breakaway members formed the Progressive Party. Dr Jan Steytler, a former Cape leader of the United Party, was elected the first leader of the new party. He continued as party leader until his retirement in December 1970. The PP opposed apartheid and took its stand on constitutional reform, calling for an entrenched constitution in which the powers of the provinces or federal states would be constitutionally protected. It stood, too, for an economy based on free enterprise.

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