DA exposes latest ANC cadre deployment scandal

Issued by Dr Leon Schreiber MP – DA Shadow Minister for Public Service and Administration
09 Jun 2022 in News

In our latest exposé of how ANC cadre deployment corruption forms the foundation of state capture and collapsing service delivery at all levels of government, the Democratic Alliance (DA) today reveals a leaked copy of an Eastern Cape ANC cadre deployment memorandum.

In this latest damning confirmation of how the ANC uses cadre deployment to unconstitutionally capture and corrupt the civil service – which is supposed to be independent of party politics – the letter, dated 8 June 2022, invites “all deployees of the ANC in the Chris Hani Region” to “a meeting with [Regional Executive Committee] officials” on 10 June. It is addressed to “Municipal managers, CEOs of CHDA and CDC, all directors and all senior managers.” The memorandum also explicitly warns that “Municipal managers and CEOs have a responsibility to ensure the attendance of all Senior Managers in their respective municipalities and entities.”

Of course, there is no such legal responsibility on any public servant to take orders from the ANC. But, through cadre deployment corruption, the ANC has given itself the unconstitutional power to “deploy” cadres to positions of power in the public administration and to ensure that they serve the interests of the ANC, rather than the needs of the public. But because the cadres who have been deployed to capture these municipalities know that their careers depend not on their ability to do their jobs, but on their loyalty to the party, they are compelled to dance to the ANC’s tune.

The DA’s latest exposé follows after, earlier this year, we revealed to the public the contents of meeting minutes from the ANC’s national cadre deployment committee between 2018 and 2021. The letter released today confirms that the pattern of ANC state capture contained in those minutes is not limited to national government institutions, but has equally ruined municipalities under ANC control.

The consequences for residents of ANC cadre deployment were on full display earlier this week, when RatingsAfrika confirmed that the “South African municipal sector, except in the Western Cape, is about to collapse financially.” ANC cadre deployment corruption is the reason why water, sanitation, roads and electricity infrastructure is collapsing in ANC-run municipalities across the country.

The DA will not rest until we have entirely uprooted ANC cadre deployment. That is why, yesterday, the DA formally presented our End Cadre Deployment Bill in Parliament.