Close the taps for ANCYL and #ScrapNYDA

Issued by Nicholas Nyati – Interim DA Youth Federal Leader
16 Aug 2022 in News

The DA Youth has officially launched a petition calling on parliament to scrap the National Youth Development Agency in its entirety.

This follows numerous calls by young South Africans to take action against the ineffective agency.

This entity is nothing more than an R800 million body that acts as a feeding scheme for the ANC Youth League and its crony networks.

Instead of working for young South Africans, the current board led by Asanda “Noma-Russia” Luwaca continues to act on behalf of the ANC.

Over the next couple of weeks, the DA Youth will, announce practical steps on how to reprioritise the R800 million to benefit all young South Africans and not just an elite few.

The NYDA should be engaging stakeholders from the education and private sectors to address the need for “a soft landing” post-education and training. Instead, the NYDA has continued with baseless excursions with their friends at the expense of taxpayers.

Please join us as we call for Parliament to:

  1. Scrap the NYDA and establish Youth Works Opportunity Centres across the country, to service work-seekers and small businesses;
  2. Allocate funds for the establishment of Youth Economic Zones for trading and to revive the industrial and manufacturing sector;
  3. Establish Innovation Hubs, to service new markets in metropole areas for creatives in the Arts and Culture sector;
  4. Establish a one-stop-shop, to cut red tape in the formalisation of small and emerging businesses by young people.
  5. Make drastic policy shifts, to include incentives for employers and the adoption of the Youth Wage Subsidy as a government policy.