ANC shields those tainted with maladministration and corruption

Issued by Dr Mpho Phalatse – DA Johannesburg Leader
14 Oct 2022 in News

Please find attached a soundbite from DA Johannesburg Leader Dr Mpho Phalatse.

Last week, the ANC objected to being labelled as corrupt. However, there is almost daily evidence to the contrary.

Since taking control over Johannesburg in an unlawful coup, the ANC has lost no time in putting people in place whose past ranges from shady to manifestly corrupt.

It has also taken steps to weaken the oversight structures that are designed to prevent or combat corruption.

The following has happened:

  • The corruption-busting Group Forensic and Investigation Services (GFIS) unit, has been purposefully left without anyone to direct its activities;
  • Tshepo Makola, who was implicated in the ENS Africa report of procurement irregularities in Public Safety, as well as having featured in matters that were submitted to the SIU, has been appointed to act as the City’s Acting Chief Operations Officer;
  • William Mazibuko, who was likewise implicated in the ENS Africa report is still in his substantive position of Director: Disaster Management;
  • Sinaye Nxumalo was dismissed from her position as Executive Director: Group Risk and Assurance in the time of the previous DA-led Johannesburg administration. After 2019 the ANC wasted no time in bringing her back. Despite her being responsible for identifying and curbing maladministration, irregular and wasteful expenditure, corruption abounds, and no one gets held accountable. Reliable sources have indicated that the ANC wishes to shift GFIS functions to fall under her control;
  • Similar moves are being made in the City’s Group Legal and Contracts Department. This is with the intent of shielding certain officials implicated in corruption from facing disciplinary action;
  • Among the Members of the Mayoral Committee, features Cllr Mpho Sesedinyana who had a case of common assault opened against him late in 2017. Yet the ANC deems him a fit and proper person to control the portfolio responsible for delivering refuse collection, electricity, water and sanitation – the Department of Environment and Infrastructure Services;
  • One of the first actions by the ANC was to terminate the Boards of the City’s entities. One of these, the Johannesburg Property Company handles assets worth billions of rands. On Wednesday, the Democratic Alliance opened a case in respect of a suspicious transaction of R27-million. The ANC is seeking to replace the Board of that entity, which had opened a disciplinary case against the CEO over the R27-million transaction and the CEO is now on special leave. We are informed that the intention is for the new Board to reverse the actions of the previous Board to protect the CEO.

The pattern that emerges from the above is that the ANC is clearly more interested in protecting its friends than protecting the residents from the ravages of corruption that has led to unacceptable levels of service delivery.

We are committed to fight against this corrupt cabal.

But we do not fight for ourselves.

In truth, this is not our fight. It is the fight of all the law-abiding residents of Johannesburg.

It is for this reason that we do what we do.