DA Youth sends ANCYL clowns back to the circus

Issued by Nicholas Nyati – DA Youth Interim Federal Leader
16 Jan 2023 in News

While the country is battling under Stage 6 loadshedding it is a relief to be able to start a brand new week with some comic relief such as the statement released this morning by the ANC Youth League.

In their statement, they attack the DA’s planned “Power to the People” march to Luthuli House on 25 January and speak about the ANC leading a march to Nersa.

Now, this is the same ANCYL that loyally sat at the feet of their “father”, the King of State Capture, former President Jacob Zuma. These are the same individuals who last month were sipping Moet at the ANC Congress while the country buckled under loadshedding. The same bunch who supported the jug-swinging Andile Lungisa and the GBV-convicted Mduduzi Manana.

As usual, the ANCYL is trying to fool South Africa. A march that is led by the ANC to Nersa is like a philandering husband, marching to his wife, asking her to let him off the hook.

This is nothing but a lazy attempt to exempt the ANC of responsibility for the loadshedding crisis that we all know they are responsible for.

While South Africans suffer and the country loses billions every day due to rolling blackouts, these Youth Members’ fat-cat ministers do not experience loadshedding. It is their ministers that are in charge of Eskom; it is their President that they proudly campaigned for who is responsible and has the power to turn this situation around.

The DA’s march will provide a platform for the young South Africans who will continue to be unemployed and the hundreds of thousands who will lose their jobs due to this crisis. An attack on anyone who participates in this march, is an attack on the dreams and aspirations of millions of us.

The crisis we face as a country is due to the incompetence of the ANC, the cancer that is cadre deployment and unfortunately the future fat cats who are waiting for their turn to loot, who identify themselves as the Youth League.

Any youth-loving person would understand that no business can thrive in an environment that does not have a permanent power supply. Any youthful person would understand that there is no economy that would grow under these circumstances.

After having read the ANCYL’s statement, I could only come to two conclusions: The first was that they may have gotten the date wrong and thought that it was the 1st of April? The second was that it must have been written by Carl Niehaus and proof-read by Jacob Zuma…

I can not fathom that a peace-loving, patriotic young South African could come up with such drivel. The race card and “let’s blame everything that goes wrong on Apartheid”-line have been overused. The authors of this statement were born during our current democracy. Every failure that they experience is due to the incompetence of the ANC.

They are clowns that must go back to the circus.

On the 25th of January John Steenhuisen will lead a march to Luthuli house and the DA youth will stand next to him.

We are doing this because the DA has always stood on the side of all South Africans. We fearlessly fought against the Apartheid government and we will fearlessly fight against the oppressive ANC government.

Power to the people!