KZN is ready for a DA-led government in 2024

Issued by Siviwe Gwarube – Chief Whip of the Official Opposition
29 Apr 2023 in News

Note to Editors:  The following speech was delivered today by the DA Chief Whip Siviwe Gwarube at the DA’s KwaZulu-Natal Congress in Durban.

Good morning, Democrats!

It is always great to be back in KwaZulu Natal,

It is even more exciting now since the growth of the DA in the province is undeniable;

We are breaking new ground!

We are doing what many said could not be done;

Taking on Umngeni Municipality – the first DA government in KZN was only the beginning.

The people of South Africa are making the connection: there is a direct correlation between how you vote and how you live;

The people of Mphuphumeni will testify that they made a different choice in 2021 and their lives have changed for the better!

This will be the story of many around KZN as the DA grows and threatens to form a government here in 2024.

Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come!

The DA’s time has come.

The ANC’s time has come to an end!

But, democrats it is simply not enough to tell voters that the ANC has failed.

It is not enough to remind them that they have been betrayed by the party of liberation.

They know this!

They feel this everyday of their lives.

They know it every time the lights go off!

They know it every time another corruption scandal breaks!

They know it every time we are told our government is bringing accused war criminals to South Africa!

They know it every time they cannot afford to buy food for their families.

We now need to show them that the ANC may be dying; but their dreams do not have to die with it.

We need to show them that the DA can do for them what we have done in Cape Town, Midvaal, Koega and right next door, it Umngeni.

We need to tell them about how we managed to get the Western Cape to produce 90% of all new jobs in the last quarter,

We need to tell them that 7/10 young people being without work is a crime.

And that the indignity of joblessness will be fought by the DA,

That the 30 million South Africans living in poverty will be a priority for the DA,

And we need to tell them how we have added thousands of additional police officers where SAPS has failed the people of Cape Town.

The people of South Africa are yearning for change.

They are in desperate need of hope and a credible government that will deliver on promises made.

That is why we cannot be emphasise enough – apho kuphethe khona iDA ubomu babantu bungcono.

Apho kuphethe urhulumente we DA, municipalities are turned around to give better services to people who never knew that government is meant to get the basics right.

Kwindawo esiphethe kuzo, loadshedding will be a thing of the past.

Abantu bethu deserve better than the ANC.

But we will need to go door to door, street by street inspiring people to not lose faith in our democracy, and to vote for the DA.

Their anger with the ANC must result in them voting differently instead of staying at home.

This is why we need to make this compelling offer to them.

Asithethi nje kungenzeki.

Asibi mali kaRhulumente.

Asiniki misebenze abantu bombutho othile.

Asinyanzeli abantu abatsha abakhangela imisebenzi balale no- councillor kuzo bazofumana I-EPWP.

Asifuni kunikeza abantu oR350, sifuna bafumane imisebenzi.

But democrats, isikhathi siphelile,

Ukhetho luka 2024 lusondele,

We need to go out there and tell people what a DA government will do for them and encourage them to vote!



Ubangaba we don’t save South Africa in 2024 sakufika ku 2029 sesingena lizwe

So let’s go out there, and do our bit for our country.

Let’s go tell voters akuphelanga mathuba!

They have one last opportunity to cast a vote that will change their lives.

And that change will start here with us all.

Viva DA, VIVA!