Premier Mabuyane’s court interdict will not deter UFH SIU investigations

Issued by Chantel King MP – DA Shadow Minister for Higher Education
02 Jun 2023 in News

Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane’s attempt to intimidate the SIU and the University of Fort Hare (UFH) by interdicting the investigation is simply the last attempt of a dying horse fighting for some air. UFH Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sakhela Buhlungu, and his team have already shown that they intend to stay the course, despite a number of threats and the heinous killings of UFH fleet manager Peet Roets and Mboneli Vesele, Prof Buhlungu’s bodyguard.

The SIU is investigating the fraudulent issuing of degrees and fraud and corruption with various tender projects at UFH. One would think Premier Mabuyane and any political office bearer implicated in degree or tender fraud would welcome the investigation as an opportunity to clear their names and rebut these allegations in a court of law.

UFH was correct to not accredit Premier Mabuyane’s recognition of prior learning (RPL) portfolio for a Master’s degree subject to the outcome of the investigation.

The SIU investigation must continue in order to shed light on the governance, tender processes and deep-rooted infiltration of politicians. UFH’s cooperation with the investigation is a true reflection that the university is moving to ensure real autonomy and good governance. Any court interdict to stop the SIU investigation should only be on investigative process flaws thus far.

We again call on the premier to take people in his confidence and allow the investigations to shed light on the process followed for him to be considered for his post graduate degree and for him not to interfere with the SIU investigation through these tactics.

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