ANC proceeds with attempt to capture DA-led uMngeni

Issued by Greg Krumbock MP – Mooi-uMngeni Constituency Head
08 Aug 2023 in News

The Democratic Alliance sees right through the ANC’s attempts to regain control of the DA-led uMngeni municipality in KwaZulu Natal by redrawing boundary lines. The proposed redetermination of the boundaries of several municipalities, including uMngeni, to form a new Metro in KZN is nothing more than a badly disguised attempt to stop the highly successful DA Mayor from showing citizens what can be done by an open, transparent, and caring government.

The fact that this process is to go ahead to the next stage despite the ten thousand objections already lodged just makes a further mockery of the process and is nothing more than gerrymandering by the ANC.

This clearly politically motivated redetermination of municipal boundaries is aimed at shutting down the island of excellence in a sea of despair in KZN and proves that the ANC does not put the needs of the residents above its own self-serving agenda.

The DA will continue to do everything in its power and investigate every avenue to ensure that the excellent work being done by a DA government is not sacrificed at the altar of ANC political expediency.

We have seen that the citizens of this country in general and in uMngeni are tired of the ANC’s broken promises and failed government and have embraced the honest, service delivery focused governance that the DA brings to municipalities like uMngeni, Midvaal, Kouga and others across the country.

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