#CrimeStats: Women and Children not safe in their homes and schools

Issued by Andrew Whitfield MP – DA Shadow Minister of Police
18 Aug 2023 in News

Note to editors: Please find attached soundbite by Andrew Whitfield MP

The latest crime statistics for the first quarter of 2023/24 (April to June 2023) revealed that whilst there was a welcomed general decrease in most crimes compared to the previous year, the violent war against women and children continues unabated.

Women and children continue to bear the brunt of violence and highlighted by the following shocking increases in murder, attempted murder and assault GBH from the previous year.

  • 895 women (9,8 per day) and 293 children (3,2 per day) were murdered – increase of 4,7%
  • 1417 women (15,6 per day) and 354 children (3,9 per day) attempted murder – increase of 20,2%
  • 12 872 women (141,5 per day) assault GBH– increase of 9,7%
  • 293 children were murdered – increase of 20,6%
  • 354 children attempted murder – increase of 15,3%
  • 1432 children assault GBH – decrease of -6%

The DA is alarmed by the crimes occurring in spaces which should be safe for our children and youth:

  • 6 rapes in day care
  • 55 rapes and 7 murders in schools
  • 5 rapes in special needs schools
  • 2 murders and 3 rapes in tertiary institutions

This is a clear indicator that lawlessness has gripped our families and communities as a result of a vacuum created by inadequate policing and an outdated policing approach which does not meaningfully include the whole of society.

This is clear from the exponential increase in crimes committed within family structures. To highlight a few:

  • Rape 3 917 cases occurring at residences of perpetrator or victim – more than double all other places of occurrence
  • Assault GHB 12 327 cases occurring at residences of perpetrator or victim – Total Assault GBH 37 491 cases (412 assaults per day – 8,2% increase).
  • Robbery at home 5631 cases (61,9 homes per day – 4,9% increase)

In the Western Cape, a number of SAPS stations have dropped out of the top spots of selected crimes. Nyanga, which was previously the murder capital of South Africa, and one of the most dangerous areas in the world, has now completely dropped out of the Top 10 stations for murder. This can be attributed to the collaborative effort of the Western Cape’s LEAP officers program and SAPS working in partnership. It is clear that the devolution of policing together with a whole of society approach to community policing can make a difference in the fight against crime.

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