Hundreds of aspirant DA candidates wrote their first major test

Issued by Helen Zille – Chairperson of the DA Federal Council
22 Aug 2023 in News

Over 400 aspirant DA candidates for the 2024 election, wrote the first batch of major tests over the weekend, to determine their knowledge and understanding of the Democratic Alliance: its history, values, policies and constitution.

The four-module test also included a section on the South African Constitution, a Job Description of a Member of Parliament, and a section on leadership.

This weekend another group of over 300 candidates will write the tests, which require an average of 80% across the four modules to pass.

The tests are the culmination of a three-week study period, during which all aspirant candidates are provided an opportunity to study the online course material on the DA’s LEARN platform.

The pass rate for aspirant candidates over the past weekend was 90%. They will go forward to the next round, which involves making a speech and answering questions before an Electoral College, comprising primarily DA branch members.

Those that meet the benchmark in the Electoral College will then proceed to the next round of tests which consist of an in-depth application of the DA’s political philosophy to case studies of real events in the political environment, as well as an understanding of the role of an MP and the workings of Parliament, or the Legislature for which they wish to be a candidate.

This round of tests also examines a candidate’s ability to write a media opinion piece, and a speech.

The final phase in the process, which will commence in November, is the Selection Panel, where each candidate has to make a brief speech and face probing questions on a range of relevant topics.

The lists are then ranked and go to the relevant executives, which are allowed minor changes before the list is lodged with the Independent Electoral Commission.

This intense process has been developed by the DA to ensure that only the most suitable candidates are selected to fulfil the crucial roles of members of Parliament or Provincial Legislatures.

The DA is a party of government, and we intend to expand our governance footprint across the country in NPE2024. It is therefore essential that we select candidates who are fit-for-purpose to undertake these very challenging roles.

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