DA launches urgent court case as ANC-led Mangaung turns a blind eye to land grabs

Issued by Roy Jankielsohn – DA Free State Premier Candidate
06 Mar 2024 in News

Note to Editors: Please find attached English and Afrikaans soundbites by Roy Jankielsohn MPL and Sesotho soundbite by James Letuka MPL

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has submitted an application to the Free State High Court, seeking judicial intervention to enforce the interdict to prevent land grabs in Lourierpark.

The DA has instructed its legal representatives to approach the High Court to:

– Force the Metro to do what it set out to do with the court order it obtained on Saturday and

– Grant appropriate relief against the persons or organisations who are interfering with the execution of the court order and who are subverting the effect thereof.

After a site visit to assess the situation and the impact of this out of control illegal land grab, it is evident that residents of the surrounding communities, which include Lourierpark and Pellissier, are distraught by the developments on their doorsteps and which threatens their security of tenure and social cohesion.

The illegal land grabs in the Mangaung Metro Municipality prove that the ANC government is failing at the most basic task of ensuring land, housing and title deeds to residents. After an interdict was issued by the Mangaung Metro, Mayor Gregory Nthatisi’s decision to allow the occupiers to stay compromises the Metro, undermines the rule of law and sets a dangerous precedent. DA Ward 18 Councillor, Dave McKay has shown leadership with ongoing attempts to diffuse the situation including alerting law enforcement before the illegal land grab activity took place.

The anarchy in store for the entire South Africa under an ANC/EFF coalition is now on full display in Bloemfontein. The DA will continue to monitor the situation and will ensure that the court order is implemented by the municipality. We call on the people in this province to put an end to this chaos and vote to prevent the doomsday scenario that is unfolding in Bloemfontein and stand with a strong DA government that can bring the change they need.