Young people, get a foot in the door!

Welcome to the Vuk’uzakhe job-seekers’ portal!

Our portal gives you access to all the internships on offer in DA-run governments and in private businesses collaborating with us on this project.

“From my very first job as a youth coordinator, to now leading the DA, the empowerment of young people has been my priority.”
– DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane

Young South Africans need opportunities! We have big ideas!


A Civilian National Service

This exciting programme will allow school leavers to serve our country for a year and receive valuable work experience and a monthly salary. Matriculants will volunteer to enter work-based training in a field that they’re interested in like healthcare, education and policing.


Free business registration

Why must a young person pay the government to register their business? Business registration should be free across the board, allowing those who have a great idea to turn it into a job-creating business.



Youth Cafes

Youth Cafes are very successful in the DA-led Western Cape. At Youth Cafes, young people can access the internet, search a jobs database, get help compiling their CV, print out documents and even complete short courses in things like digital training, entrepreneurship, project management and many more.


Informal sector legalisation

We must also move to legalise the informal sector. Making illegal traders legal allows them to compete on an equal footing, and to grow their small businesses




  • How to write a good CV
  • How to interview well