The DA gets things done

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Why vote DA?

South Africa heads to the polls in the 2021 Local Government Elections on 1 November. Voting stations are open from 7am to 9pm.

Now, all over South Africa, is the time to elect leaders that will work hard for you, be on your side, and secure your future.

Independent reports show that the only towns in South Africa that work are DA towns, because the DA gets things done.

Only the DA is big enough to beat the ANC; keep the EFF out; and turn around towns and cities to end corruption, bring capable governance, and create places of opportunity and security.

It’s time to hit the reset button, to secure your future, and vote DA!

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Where we govern

DA Manifesto Launch 2021

Our to-do list for local government

  • Ensure there is clean water and a sanitary environment for every community.
  • Provide a hygienic environment to live and play.
  • Give residents their power back.
  • Create and maintain public spaces for all to enjoy.

A DA government will invest in safe, reliable and affordable public transport, and well-maintained roads.

A DA government will invest in localised law enforcement and tackle the local conditions which give rise to crime in the first place.

A DA government will focus first on getting the basics right, as the foundation to bringing in investment and jobs. Beyond that we are committed to improving the business environment by making it easier to do business.

A DA government will increase the scale of housing delivered through private initiative, diversify housing options, and ensure more people own their homes.

A DA government will ensure that all departments are equipped and work together to minimise the risks which lead to poor health, to respond effectively to health emergencies, and to achieve overall positive health outcomes.

A DA government will be committed to governing in the interests of the people by eliminating corruption, adopting best practices in good governance, and ensuring the resilience of communities through effective disaster risk management.

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