E-tolling case kicks off in the High Court

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Proceedings have kicked off in the DA’s case against E-tolling in the Western Cape High Court this morning.

We are arguing that the E-Tolling Bill was passed unconstitutionally because Gauteng residents where denied a voice against this unjust system. We believe the E-Tolling Bill should have been debated in the Gauteng legislature, and all provinces, and not just in Parliament. 
The people who are impacted the most by e-tolling never got the opportunity for their elected representatives to debate the E-tolling Bill at provincial level.
Judging by the number of complaints the DA and other organizations get; judging by the number of anti-tolling bumper stickers; and by the sheer visibility of opposition in the public space from individuals to taxi associations – the fight is still in the people of Gauteng to resist this unjust system.
E-tolling affects all of us, from consumers to businesses big and small, from drivers to those of us who rely on public transport.
As this case continues my message to the people of Gauteng is that this is your fight too.
That is why I am in court today representing the overwhelming majority of opposition to e-tolls by Gauteng residents.
If the DA wins this case in the High Court, the matter will automatically be referred to the Constitutional Court where the E-tolling Bill may be declared unconstitutional.
This will send the E-Tolling Bill back to Parliament and legislatures, potentially giving a new DA majority in Gauteng a chance to vote against the Bill.
That is why we must remain resolute because the fight against e-tolling does not end with this case – we must take it to the ballot box in this election and vote out the government that brought us e-tolls.

Government can afford its full budget without increasing VAT

We refuse to pay back the money stolen through ANC government corruption.


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