DA will not enter into any coalition with EFF

About this Article

There has been media speculation over the last few days that the Democratic Alliance and the Economic Freedom Fighters may form a coalition after the election.

I wish to state categorically that the DA will not enter into a coalition with the EFF under any circumstances. This includes Gauteng where there is a strong possibility that the ANC will receive less than 50% of the vote.

I have always made it quite clear that we will only form coalition where it is possible to form a coherent government and implement our policy commitments to the public.  This would be impossible with the EFF.

A coalition with the EFF would be unworkable given the huge ideological gulf between our parties. 

The DA believes in market economics with a welfare safety net, non-racialism and the rule of law. The EFF’s policies are a threat to the economy and jobs, its racial rhetoric undermines reconciliation and its track record on corruption is as bad as Jacob Zuma’s ANC.

We have not forgotten that Julius Malema’s company, On-Point Engineering, was awarded a R52 million contract from the Limpopo government which the Public Protector found to be unlawful. We are also mindful that Mr Malema currently owes the government R16 million in unpaid taxes — money that should be used to fight poverty.

The fact is that the ANC and the EFF are two sides of the same corrupt coin.

The DA will not legitimise the EFF’s existence by entering into a coalition agreement with it. If this means that the DA remains in opposition in Gauteng, then so be it. We would rather remain in opposition than enter into an unworkable coalition with the EFF.

Over the next two weeks, the DA will continue working to win Gauteng. We believe that, if enough of our supporters come out to vote, we can win more votes than any other party in the province. If Gauteng voters want to send a signal to Zuma’s ANC on jobs and corruption, they must choose the DA in this election. We are in it to win it. 


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