Happy 2016: The year of putting South Africa first

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On behalf of the Democratic Alliance (DA), I would like to wish all South Africans, at home and abroad, and joyous and prosperous New Year.

I believe that 2016 must be the year in which we, as a country and a people, put South Africa first by focusing on economic growth, job creation and sound macroeconomic policies, to give hope to the 8,4 million unemployed South Africans. Building a thriving economy starts with electing the right leaders for the country.

The start of New Year brings with it an opportunity to reflect on the past year and the 2016 year ahead of us. 2016 brings with it a significant opportunity to rewrite history as we head to the Local Government Elections (LGEs) later in the year.

The DA has proven itself to be a Party which puts South Africa and its people first by delivering quality basic services where it governs.

The DA is on track to ensure that our message of Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity is taken to every municipality across the country, ahead of the LGEs.

2016 will again give citizens the opportunity to put South Africa first and vote for the DA in municipalities across the country and reject poor service delivery, corruption and an uncaring governance, the hallmarks of Zuma’s ANC.

The DA will be on every street and in every home, where we will present the Party’s plans for building better and well-run municipalities, in both rural and urban areas.

As we mark 20 years of the country’s Constitution it is important that we work towards upholding and respecting its various and important provisions.

We remain the only Party, which can carry the hopes, dreams and aspirations of all South Africans. While other parties contest elections in order to capture state resources for self-enrichment, we contest elections and fight to govern to ensure that all South Africans benefit from casting their ballot. That benefit is the dignity of a home, running tap water electricity, safer communities and other services provided by municipalities.

We are optimistic about 2016 and believe in our offer to the people of South Africa. We are building One Nation with One Future.

The DA calls upon all South Africans to mobilise friends and family to register to vote, and vote for the DA, which listens and cares.

May 2016 bring joy, success and positive change to and for all South Africans. And may those starting school and university achieve great academic success.

Help us realise a NEW BEGINNING for South Africa

Help us prepare for the 2019 general election when we will bring real, lasting, job creating and investment creating change to South Africa!

  • Malcolm

    We can only hope the dumb majority see the light. I don’t hold much expectation though. Tribal people always vote for their own chiefs.