DA lays criminal charges against Penny Sparrow

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The Democratic Alliance categorically condemns the racist words of Penny Sparrow, which have no place in South African society.

This morning our Leader Mmusi Maimane tweeted that Penny Sparrow’s comments are insulting and must be criminally pursued.

To this end, today the Democratic Alliance has laid criminal charges against Penny Sparrow, for investigation of Crimen Iniuria for infringing the dignity of all South Africans and for dehumanising black South Africans.

DA member Herman Mashaba laid the criminal charges against Penny Sparrow with the SAPS, and a case has been opened.

Attitudes of such vitriolic racism have absolutely no place in South Africa. Today the DA in KZN has therefore also served notice of intention to suspended the membership of Penny Sparrow and has referred her conduct to the Federal Legal Commission for investigation.

Racists are not welcome in the DA, and have no place in our democratic South African society.

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  • AlbertS

    Hypocrisy. Why didn’t you lay criminal charges against Malema when he publicly called for the murder of whites? This is both childish and irresponsible – or just plain stupid. This is the sort of sensationalist rubbish I would expect from Zuma or Malema. Now Mmusi has lowered himself to their standards. This irresponsible action will just further inflame racism.

  • ingrid van den berg

    DA, would you like to respond to the following comment someone made below:
    Julius UMmeli Ka-mdluli The da is a hub of breeding pink skin racists pigs, and the comments that blacks are monkeys are not new, soon a black men will no longer tolerate this rubbish from pink skinned lab created species, we will know you not human you should be erased from our continent do not forget ypunonly 6million here we are more than 40 milion
    This is every bit an example of hate speech as Penny Sparrow’s comment was. WILL YOU BE LAYING CHARGES AGAINST THIS EVIL-MINDED INDIVIDUAL??

    • Hadjiera Isaacs

      He kinda doesn’t even form part of the DA so how is the DA supposed to deal with another parties leader’s comments? Another dumb statement! Why are you trying to condemn Sparrow crap? Support? Same size? I guess!

  • surferdude007

    Can you also lay charges against this guy while you’re at it???


  • TestSA

    Please note that all the comments here are from DA members..meaning there are many that support Sparrow’s views

  • Beverley Langkilde

    So using saying like a ‘Leopard never changes it’s spots’ or ‘As black as Soot’ or ‘As white as Snow’ are all things one is no longer allowed to use. We basically cannot use any expression which comes to mind as we interpurate it from our own minds, we have no right to think or say what we see and interpurate outward for the sake of a new law about to come into the game. Basically we are no longer allowed to have our own minds. Have you all gone F… insane?!!!! I can understand if the world was reacting in this manner over the Kumalo murderous minded man who expressed his desire to experminate white citizens ‘Like Hitler did to the Jews and use their babies are fertilizer’ is okay even though it was an extremely serious criminal comment, especially given the fact that Whites are being killed, execution, genocide style by black insane killers indorsed by the ANC and ignored by the DA and blocked by the international media to the rest of the world by their governments.. One has to wonder if you aren’t all sleeping in the same bed!