Zuma wives’ cars could have funded 116 students

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R8.6 million was spent on Zuma’s wives’ cars in the last five financial years, according to a parliamentary reply received today. These cars include such high-end luxury makes as Range Rovers, Land Rover Discoveries and Audi Q7s.

This amount of money could have funded 116 university students for a year, or 38 students for the course of a three-year degree.

This amount could have been used to hire an additional 61 police officers for a year.

This amount could have been used to provide jobs to 1 315 EPWP workers.

Yet the President decided to rather spend this gigantic amount on lavish VIP vehicles for his wives. South Africa’s economy is in a dire state. The economy is bleeding jobs, while President Zuma continues to bleed South Africans dry.

South Africans do not need to be bled dry. On 3 August, they have an opportunity to put an end to the flagrant misuse of state funds, and vote for a DA government, which would put their needs over those of a self-indulgent crony elite.

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