The ANC has forgotten South Africans

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The ANC showed today that it is beyond the point of no return. Jacob Zuma’s speech at the party’s 105th birthday celebrations was the tell-tale last gasp of a dying organisation. It is an out-of-touch and divided party that is unable to self-correct, and is past the point of no return.

Following the ANC’s results at the polls in August last year, one would have expected a humble and introspective reflection on the past year, and a meaningful commitment to effect real and substantive internal change. Rather, we were force-fed another rose-tinted “good story” by a President who has overseen the party’s decimation over the past 7 years. While the rest of the country is looking forward, the ANC can only but fondly recall its former glories.

While the ANC celebrates in lavish style today, we live in a country where 9 million of our people are without work, and have given up any hope of finding a job. We live in a deeply unfair and unequal society, where the colour of your skin still determines your chances of succeeding in life. And this is only worsened by the ANC who run a dishonest government, putting their friends first and the people of South Africa last.

The people of South Africa do not trust the ANC anymore, and last year’s election results showed just that. After almost 23 years of democracy, words and empty rhetoric are simply not enough. Long-winded recitals of “good story” statistics do not create jobs or feed hungry South Africans.

While the focus of 2017 will be on the election of the new President of the ANC, South Africans are beginning to realise that no reform in the ANC is possible. Whatever happens in December 2017, the ANC will remain committed to corruption, insider trading and unemployment. The DA is the only hope for a better South Africa.

Our country requires bold and authentic leadership that will take us forward again.

Leadership that affirms constitutionalism, and fires leaders who do not uphold it.

Leadership that is focused on the economy, including a coherent plan to create work for our people.

Leadership that will govern well, focusing on delivering services to our people and not stealing money.

Leadership that offers a better plan for redress, which empowers all South Africans not just the ANC elite.

And leadership committed to building a reconciled nation, where redress and economic development does not rob one race at the expense of another.

The accelerating implosion of the ANC, coupled with the real example of positive difference that is being delivered by opposition-led governments across the country, holds the potential to redefine our politics. The DA enters 2017 excited and ready for the potential ahead.

Where the DA governs, our number one focus is on creating jobs for the 9 million South Africans without work. South Africans are beginning to feel the DA difference, because where we govern, you’ll find the lowest unemployment rate in the country, the highest access to basic services for poor South Africans, and a zero-tolerance of corruption.

Following the 2016 Local Government Elections, the DA now governs over 30 municipalities in 6 provinces, delivering to 16 million residents with a budget that equates to over 50% of the total municipal budget allocation. Our governments have already began to cut corruption, create jobs and opportunity, and deliver better services, and will continue to do so in 2017.

The tipping point is fast approaching, as South Africans of all races are beginning to realise that where the DA governs, there is opportunity and a better life for all.

While the ANC talks, the DA does. And come 2019, we aim to occupy the Union Buildings to revive the national project of building a united, non-racial and prosperous South Africa for all who live in it.

Be a part of CHANGE. It’s time to unite!

In 2019, we have an opportunity to bring the change that South Africa so desperately needs, but to do it, we need your help.

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  1. Я•Ф•G•Э•R ? January 8, 2017 at 1:00 pm #

    Is it possible for you to update citizens in areas you govern on how much and on what the budget has been used for to date!? This will go a long way to confirm your transparency

  2. SA_CitizenX January 8, 2017 at 6:03 pm #

    Listen properly…

    I love this. For starters due to the risk of no showing up the ANC had to force people onto buses and ship them in to make sure the stadium is full. Now there is a lot of wet half hearted supporters listening to Jakop giving a history lesson, and making wild promises he don’t plan on keeping. Yup. Another day in the ANC. Talking about Marikana and Fidel Castro… Talking about redistribution of land (always the carrot to swing in front of noses), and how there was no load shedding and talking about Tambo… This is the biggest white wash speech ever. A party for a Party to window dress a sinking ship.

    How about addressing our current problems and challenges? How about a five step program to get rid of ALL the Zuptas?To end ALL corruption. How about addressing the failure of all State Owned Utilities in South Africa? The SAA, Eskom, the SABC… How about addressing the crime and murder in our country, and our unemployment issue, and the state of our education department? They all go hand in hand. How about telling us what happened to our Oil Reseves that was sold off at a loss? There is a very long list Jakop.

    Jakop, hoekom se jy nie net reguit vir ons wat de hel doen jy daar bo nie?

    Because you are doing NOTHING for South Africans. You are not even doing anything for the ANC. Everything you do, you do it for you. (sounds almost like something Bryan Adams would sing.)

    I am flabbergasted that they even managed to get all those poor people forced onto a bus. If it was me they tried to take I would be kicking and screaming like a four year old holding on to my front gate. I would be ripping off the ANC T-shirt they pulled over my head, and skopped a sak mielie meal right across the street. They would have to Mace me and Taser me and tie me up to get me on that bus. And if I had a gap I would have climbed out the bloody window and escaped! They would have had to chase me through the traffic!

    And the spectators didn’t even go there for a free lunch and a dop. They had to buy a boerie outside for R30 a pop! R50 entrance to the ShizaNjama. Daylight robbery if you ask me. Spar charges R15 a boerie. Extended drink hours? For what? For why? Anyone else who is not a Zupta got a extended paycheck in the middle of January to afford more drinking? I know I’m broke. So why would anyone want to go there?

    Point is how on earth is there people still calling themselves ANC supporters? By now it should only be the grannies and parents and spouses of the ANC leaders turning up at any ANC event. To bring a camera and snap a pic when their son or daughter is standing at the Podium making a speech. “Thats my boy julle! Check how nice he looks in that suit hey. JAKOP! STEEK IN JOU HEMP JONG. Thats my boy hey…” Sort of like Jannie sitting on the reserve bench at school rugby, but his parents are still there to support him and wave.

    How can anyone be so blind and stupid to still say “HA! Zuma is our Father! He looks after us! Viva ANC!” How the hell? Do they only watch SABC News where only the good news gets shown, we throw out the bad stuff, no one needs to see that? Is there really still people who actually believe any of the empty promises? Who still thinks everything is ok? That Zuma is innocent, its all propaganda against the best President ever. Its all just a story to make Zuma look bad, to help the EVIL RACIST DA to take over the country and bring Apartheid back?

    HEEEELLLLOOOOOO!! Apartheid is already back people. Except the rules have changed. Except now its The Zupta Clan over all South Africans. Honest hard working Citizens are now the minority, Fat Cat Politicians are now the Overlord, telling us we should hate each other. Racism is on a life support machine with the ANC keeping an eye on the plug. They keep it alive to scare people into voting for them. Like the boogey man. Or the Tokolosh. It doesnt exist, yet we still look under our beds. We are made to hate each other, to fight each other and to kill each other, like in a movie like The Hunger Games, it is there to distract the masses and for THE RULING PARTY to say, see, you need us.

    How can anyone still stand for this? How can anyone be so naive to believe all this lies? I want all the ANC Supporters phone numbers. I have a great proposal for them. If they give me all their money, I can double it for them in one month…. (*books plane ticket for South America*)

    And dont talk to me about electing new leadership in 2017. We all know its rigged. Dlamini Zuma will take over as the new Zupta Controller. For a Gupta to phone and say “Hey look here, I need a new tender, and in a hurry hey!” “YES..MR..GUPTA..SIR..YOUR..WISH..IS..MY..COMMAND..(INSERT ROBOT VOICE HERE)” She will only be there so the Guptas dont need to change their speed dial. “I gotta make a call… Lemme see… Duduzane…Molefe…Saxonwold Shebeen..Van Rooyen…Zaphirs Bunny Shop…Zwane…Zuma! That’s the one. SIRI, CALL ZUMA…”

    You gave it away Jakop. The Womens League and the Youth League and the MK Veterans has become your shark fin. Everytime they start waving banners shouting “WE SUPPORT THIS!” It is actually just Jakop’s mouth piece. They became like little puppies just yapping after their master and don’t come up with any original thoughts of their own. They dont do anything for South Africans anymore. Whenever Jakop gets his finger caught in the cookie jar they are there to kiss it better and then gooi a press meeting and say, ” We condemn this. Zuma is innocent. He didn’t do nothing. He does not even like cookies.”

    Seriously, is the Womens League out there now building shelters for battered women, raising clinics, promoting equal right for women, boosting women equality in workplaces.. Is the Youth League out there helping youngsters get of drugs, opening schools, promoting University Grants going from company to company getting donations to help someone get a education? I don’t think so.

    Jakop, the only reason you are still sitting in that chair is because you placed people around you to keep you there. And then you gooied the superglue and duct tape and you refuse to vacate your chair. It doesn’t matter that no one wants you there anymore. (sssshht ANC Supporters, I still have all your money, just wait for my call. I phone you.) You are not in charge because we want you. You are the Captain because we are forced to have you. But its still our ship…

    Every one is fighting to get rid of you for the damage you create,even some of the ANC members, and you are just sitting there laughing and saying ” I wont go” If everyone at work started trying this hard to get rid of me I would start wondering what I am doing wrong. And either change or leave. But you are laughing in the face of South Africa. Seriously, I still don’t get it. How the hell do you still have supporters?

    No people, the ANC has forgotten South Africans, white, black, coloured, asian, foreign.. We are equally forgotten and down trotten. At last equal rights for all. Ja ne..

    This weekend’s Party was only window dressing and a massive waste of money. While all of you sat there last night sipping on a R1000 glass of champagne there was people who where maybe lucky enough to have a quart of zamalek. People eating pap and maroggo with no meat while you lot were having salmon. This is the same people who are still voting for you. Why I don’t know. The ANC is now the Ruler Of Rural Areas..

    For the cost of your Birthday Bash did it ever cross anyone’s mind to say, “I don’t think we must have a party this year. Lets take the money and send some youngsters to University, how many people can we help with the millions and millions this party would have costed? Lets sommer just have a quiet bring and braai at home to celebrate our birthday. Zuma’s wifes can make salads and braaibroodjies, everyone bring their own dop and tjop and a chair. After the braai we will have a swim in the fire pool, so bring a costume and towel…Its not like its a special birthday wena, its only 105. Its not like its 100, or 110.”

    When has the ANC ever stopped to think before blowing tons of money? Our country is hungry. Our country is in a drought with lots of people not even having water, with crops dying… People are suffering and don’t have incomes. Our crime statistics are through the roof. South Africans live in fear for their lives. Lets buy a Boeing Jet for our fearless leader to go visit his cousins the Guptas..

    The sad part is everything the ANC has ever meant and fought for is dead. Everything Sir Oliver Tambo and Sir Nelson Mandela sacrificed and stood for means nothing. Mahala baba..Lutho. It all went to fund a Fire Pool. Our Constitution is now a Cattle Kraal, that can be stretched and broken and stitched back together as it fits you. Every man who gave his live for the struggle, on both sides, white or black, died for you, Jakop, to swim in your fire pool. The people at Sharpeville died for nothing. The people who died in the Amanzimtoti bombing died for nothing. Mr Mandela sat many years on a island stinking of seal shit for nothing.

    For freedom? What freedom?I am to scared to go for a walk with my kids at street at night, I will get killed. I have to live almost in a compound with fences and burglar guards and alarms and panic buttons. And the same for millions of South Africans. Majority of the black people still live in shacks, they dont even get to have palisade fencing. Their kids and women gets raped and killed every day. (note right here for Women/Youth League, eKasi Palisades, it will work)

    Its time someone remind the ANC why they are there. And its not for Hennessy and caviar. Remember the people. We are still here.

  3. L.Fobo January 13, 2017 at 3:52 pm #

    anc is corrupt and its leaders and is continuing to lie about jobs and now the minimum wage insult
    .but also you DA we cannot trust or easily put you in power because we know DA was in oppressor’s team in the days of pharaoh.
    once Malema becomes fit to hold office then maybe we may think otherwise
    Anc is dying because of cowardly approach towards people who cannot get enough of what they are getting (greedy people) and we all know who are those people.
    Every one now know even us people on the ground we know and understand what is really happening the issues of president lying to say he did not given a chance to respond to the accusations and the public protector published the audio report.dishonest leaders we have in South Africa and they continue thinking people are stupid.let me stop because the more I think about these people I become very angry

    • Francois Odendaal January 16, 2017 at 12:11 am #

      Sorry but the NP was the oppressor’s team. Wake up please, you are brain washed. The DA is a transparent Political party. They are there for all south Africans not just for a self liberated party that thinks they can do as they please. (ANC) They only thing the ANC has done so far was disgracing Madiba’s true vision for SA. To build a better SA together for ALL, not just one party or race, for ALL. Its been twenty years now and most of the people in SA is still living in shacks waiting for a home that will never be build for them of false promises that was made. You can’t cater for something you don’t have, correct? To cater for lets say 45 million people, but at that time we as SA could only cater for lets say 10 million people. 45 million people is a lot more than 10 million people. How do we correct it, SOLVE it? Look into natural resources, export more, start creating business. We have the land of milk and honey, yet 50% or more are poor. Educate people about how business is run, how a country is run. First build the infrastructure of a country to try and cater for more then you can chew off. Firstly the ANC never ran a country before at that time in 1994, correct? So how can they now? Where is the support for them, no one thought them how to run a country. As soon as the ANC became leaders in SA most of the whities ran of to other countries leaving a land behind not even thinking what there really leaving behind. A beautiful land with awesome people that want SA to shine. Politics only creates hate between people. We are suppose to stand together supporting each other regardless of your race, gender or religion.
      The past will kill you slowly if you drag it with you into the future.

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