Expropriation Bill must now be brought in line with the Constitution

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The Democratic Alliance welcomes the fact that President Zuma has finally referred the Expropriation Bill back to Parliament, following our section 79 petition to him.

While it appears that Zuma has sent the bill back only on the procedural grounds raised by the DA, this nonetheless provides citizens a vital opportunity to make their voice heard before this bill is finalised.

The DA urges every concerned South African to voice those concerns during the public participation process to ensure that substantive changes can be affected to bring the bill in line with the Constitution.

It is ironic that President Zuma in his statement stated that Parliament must now deal with this bill swiftly. Rushing this bill is exactly what got us into trouble in the first place. Rather, Parliament must now take as long as is necessary to ensure that there is ample time for proper and thorough consultation and consideration of all points raised by the public.

The DA fought relentlessly throughout the duration of the fifth Parliament to ensure that bills are passed in line with the Constitution. Though we have been met with much resistance from the ANC at every turn, we will continue to do everything possible to protect the principle of constitutionalism.

The DA will do everything in our power to ensure that Parliament follows due process and that this Bill can be brought in line with the Constitution.

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