Zuma’s comments on mass marches confirms that he does not care about the people

Issued by Phumzile Van Damme MP – DA National Spokesperson
10 Apr 2017 in News

Hundreds of thousands of South Africans of all races took to the streets on Friday to express, with a united voice, one clear and unassailable message: Zuma must go.

President Zuma’s comments today slamming these mass marches across the country and claiming that they were inspired by racism clearly shows that he is out of touch with the South African public’s very valid anger over his destructive leadership.

As a direct result of Zuma’s midnight reshuffle, our country has been downgraded by two ratings agencies to junk status.

His irrational actions will have a massively negative effect on the poorest in our country who are mostly black. The fact that he cannot or chooses not to see this only confirms that Zuma governs like black lives do not matter.

His comments also undermine legitimate protests and exposes how little he cares about South Africans and their concerns.

If Zuma refuses to hear the people’s cries, we must make sure he does. We have the power to do so and must march en masse so that he will have no choice but to hear us.

The DA will join other political party’s on Wednesday, 12 April, to march to the Union Buildings and we invite all South African’s to join us so we can, in one and united voice, make it clear that enough is enough, Zuma must go.