SCA seems set to declare dropping of 783 charges of corruption against Zuma irrational

Issued by James Selfe MP – DA Federal Council Chairperson
14 Sep 2017 in News

It was clear from the concessions by the legal teams and by the questions from the Court that the decision to discontinue the prosecution against Jacob Zuma is going to be set aside.

This opens the way for Jacob Zuma, finally, to have the day in court that he has been asking for, for the last 15 years. Like any other ordinary citizen, he must face up to the mountain of charges against him.

We hope that the Court, as part of its judgement, will give some clarity on how the National Prosecuting Authority should deal with this revived prosecution.

This is very significant/important, not only for the DA but much more significantly, for the people of South Africa and the principle of equality before the law.

Should it be necessary, the DA will continue to pursue this case to ensure Jacob Zuma is made to face all the charges against him and that, if found guilty, he is held accountable to the full extent of the law.

For far too long, the ANC political elite has been allowed to escape accountability simply because they are connected. This must not be allowed to stand. All citizens must face up to charges if they are brought against them, and the same must be true for Jacob Zuma.