ANC NEC failure to remove Zuma proves that Ramaphosa is more of the same

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The failure by the ANC NEC and ANC President, Cyril Ramaphosa, to recall Jacob Zuma yesterday only proves that the ANC is incapable of change.

Zuma and his cabal of corrupt cronies have wreaked havoc on our country. He has made reckless decisions, destroyed key public institutions, weakened our democracy and ruined our economy, all under the noses of the ANC leadership.

Yet, despite all of Zuma’s indiscretions, Ramaphosa has failed to recall him showing that the ANC will not self-correct and that we can only expect more of the same.

If Ramaphosa was truly serious about rooting out corruption, Zuma would no longer be the President of South Africa.

South Africans deserve a capable President who will act in their best interest at all times, not someone who abuses their power and steals from the people.

It is quite clear that Ramaphosa is not equal to the task of getting rid Zuma as the majority of the ANC is still made up of corrupt and selfish leaders who put filling their own pockets before the needs of the people.

The DA will continue to pursue every possible avenue to hold Zuma accountable for the 783 counts of corruption against him as well as his role in state capture.

The DA is the only alternative to the morally bankrupt ANC.

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  • worsbrein

    That much was made very clear, when it was he who makes the utterly despicable Zuma present as mother Theresa by comparison, one David Mabuza, and the other corrupt Ace Magashule, who were chosen as Ramaphosa’s slavering mongrels on the Zuma chain, to keep him from stepping ‘out of line’. No, I’m afraid there’s any amount of easily accessible ‘dirt’ to be found on Buffalo Bill the Blesser (and of course, the ‘Marikana Massacre’ that is still being kept closely under guard), for Ramaphosa to succumb to any sudden rush of unexplained morality, or conscience. All he wants to do, is to parade in front of the world’s doting eyes, as president of the once proud nation of South Africa, in all his ‘bling’ and finery. He has long proven that he is entirely impotent against the force of Jacob Zuma and his fellow criminals, and all because he has aided and abetted that situation, instead of doing anything about it, when he had the opportunity. All of which proves very great news for free South Africa. The ANC electorate have asked for something different, and what they got is more of the same, and very possibly even worse. Albeit under an unlikely head, what is known as the ‘Premier League’, now lead the ANC into the watershed year 2019. The singular reason Ramaphosa heads up the ANC, is because it was clear to even the likes of fellow corrupts Jessie Duarte and Gwede the Liar, that under NDZ, the ANC would have no prayer. The ANC electorate has seen this, and the writing is now solidly etched into the wall. It will not be for their criminality that the ANC will cede power to the blue, red and other coalition in 2019, but because they to this day consider their electorate completely blind, and stupid enough to swallow anything they throw down the pipe for them. The very best thing that could happen to free South Africa for now, is that Jay-baby stays, and that Cyril takes his instruction from him, Davie and Bra Ace! 2019 is coming, and it is coming soon! No more do we say “one day, is one day”, for it has arrived!

    • Ruth Battell

      I agree entirely. Ramaphosa had just one chance to rid the ANC of the dirt and instead upholds the gravy train. Shame on the them and hopefully, the public recognizes the severity of Ramaphosa’s negligence and votes accordingly against the ANC come 2019