SONA 2018 presents hope, but no urgent plan for change

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There were great expectations for tonight’s maiden State of the Nation Address (SONA) by President Cyril Ramaphosa. The President set out a vision of unity for the country that all South Africans warmly welcome. We pledge our support in building one nation, with one future, which is in the interests of all South African.

Beyond the fine words of renewal and new found unity, he unfortunately did not fulfil the expectations of the public with a clean break from the Zuma era, and a total change from the current tried, tested and failed ANC policies that have brought our nation to this point.

Cyril Ramaphosa’s plan for South Africa is too much of a continuation of the Zuma era. There is no major policy reform, only some tinkering with the current policies that have not brought change to the lives of our people. There were too many conferences and summits announced, and not enough clear plans for fixing the problems.

Our country needs a brave new beginning and total change from the past decade and not more of ANC rule – not more meetings and talkshops. The reality is, while there has been a change in leadership in South Africa, the material conditions of ordinary South Africans have not changed.

The President quite correctly articulated the number one challenge our country faces – youth unemployment. Yet, our young people want immediate action and total change – not more plans to make plans, and more talkshops. This is the type of passive policy that has kept our young people trapped for so long.

We welcome the President’s announcement of a Youth Employment Service initiative, which will place unemployed youth in paid internships. This is a step in the right direction, but not enough to ensure access to jobs for all young people in South Africa

What we need is a string of legislation that will change the economic environment, and make it easier for young people to find work. This must fundamental alter the way we approach the creation of work. ANC policy will not, and cannot, address our crippling youth unemployment crisis.

While we have a basic education system that continuously fails our children and jeopardizes their futures, Ramaphosa found it unnecessary to address this and announce any meaningful reform. This was a failure by Ramaphosa, and shows more of the same from the ANC.

The intention to pass the MPRDA into law in the next few months is a huge misstep by Ramaphosa. The DA will object to this piece of disastrous legislation which will only bring uncertainty and volatility into the mining sector, and will act as yet another stranglehold on this job-creating sector.

Ramaphosa also failed to address illegal immigration, and how to better protect our borders.

Land reform is a justice issue, and must be addressed with urgency. We agree with the President around the empowerment black women via land reform. This must not just be for the few, and we cannot in good conscience support the regressive policy of redistribution without compensation.’

Ramaphosa’s intention to cut the size of cabinet is a long overdue move, and we welcome this. We need to cut the fat in government and ensure we have a lean, efficient national government.

Lastly, we welcome the announcement of free higher education for those who cannot afford it. This must be done in a sustainable manner that does not bankrupt our nation.

South Africa needs immediate and total change. 9 years of the Zuma Presidency has set our nation back, and unfortunately President Ramaphosa did not show tonight that he is able to bring the total change we desperately require.

Be a part of CHANGE. It’s time to unite!

In 2019, we have an opportunity to bring the change that South Africa so desperately needs, but to do it, we need your help.

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  1. Yvonne Horak February 17, 2018 at 7:11 pm #

    How many Jobs or Industries has Maimane. Malema and others ever created? Maimane walked into a desk and total solid excellent infrastructure at the DA which was already very very established. He had never started his own Party even himself . Give Malema that Credit though, I do not support him and his radical policies. Maimane did not come with years of Political experience even. He was never a Politician of any note before. It is easier said than done Mr Maimane. Private Businesses have no incentive to expand due to Government Policies – many are actually downsizing considerably. to in our current Situation and secondly INVESTORS are not running to South Africa at all! Also on the contrary they have been disinvesting. CRIME RIDDEN SOUTH AFRICA is not a favoured Option at all. Start deporting all the illegals, also send the Zimbabwians home- there is no MUGABE now, to go and build their OWN Country, also other foreigners.. ZIMBABWE IS MUCH SAFER THAN SOUTH AFRICA !!! This will already lower the burden on our infrastructure like water ,electricity,transport, hospitals,schools and clinics,accommodation by a good few Millions. More jobs then too. Where do majority of these foreigners get there money from? drugs,prostitution, crime syndicates, armed robberies, scams, Crime,? Empty Promises are not going to create Jobs ! Ramaphosa knows this- he is an Astute Businessman and EXPERIENCED Politician. He is no fool that is why he is an Educated Man with a degree too. The entire family are highly educated and look at the achievements of Mrs Ramaphosa. ALL CRIME no matter who and the daily hijackings, robbers, murder, RAPES! (we are known as the RAPE Capital of the World) Drugs. Streets are not safe to walk in and all locked into homes at night at even murdered and attacked on OWN homes, hijacked and many murdered in their OWN driveways FARMERS Brutally Murdered. PARKS are dangerous, children cannot ride their bikes anymore, going for walks in the evening or window shopping like so many did in West Street Durban, Adderley Street, Sandton Malls, is looking to be either hijacked robbed, raped and murdered or the whole lot !. Fishermen robbed and some killed already fishing in lonely beaches. No more long walks along beaches.DO the lot in Parliament and Police and the Citizens realize what has happened to this country in a very short time.!! etc TOURISTS MUST ALSO GET URGENT ATTENTION. Tourists robbed in buses, arriving at Airports,robbed in Guesthouses/Hotels Lodge- on Hiking trails robbed and stabbed and viciously injured. NO TOURISTS will increase to this Country until drastic total change in Security. What does the beautiful Country mean to anybody when CITIZENS are like Prisoners in their own homes and not safe anywhere, so what about Tourists and Investors.that are strangers? EMPTY Political Promises are not going to solve pr clean this total sewer this Country has become! Neither are empty Promises going to create jobs !or DEMANDS by PEOPLE with ENTITLEMENT MENTALITIES, strikes, toy toying, ENTITLEMENT STUDENTS too who forget they have contributed NOTHING NO TAXES etc and in majority of cases NEITHER the man and the woman that created them, their Parents. !Neither threats and Political Agendas of people like BLF and Julius Malema. They have also contributed to Disinvestment and No job Creation and still do.THESE are FACTS why this COUNTRY is in a MESS. ! START with CORRUPTION and CRIME without fear and favour, right at the top.

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