ANC, Supra cost the people of North West R15.3 billion

Issued by Joe McGluwa – DA North West Provincial Leader
28 Jun 2018 in News

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the North West will write to the newly appointed Premier Job Mokgoro, demanding that he initiate disciplinary action against officials and executive members responsible for the financial mismanagement that led to the squandering of millions of Rands in the office of the Premier.

During yesterday’s National Treasury briefing to Parliament, it was revealed that the North West Office of the Premier has suffered greatly due to irrational executive decisions and poor supply chain management processes.

National Treasury revealed that the ANC provincial government amassed R15.3 billion in irregular expenditure at the end of 2017, meaning that irregular expenditure increased at an average of R2.1 billion per year – in the 2014/14 financial year irregular expenditure sat at R8.6 billion. Furthermore, R10 million that was meant to be spent on social services was diverted.

Instead of delivering services to the people, the ANC used the people’s money to maintain and administer a corrupt patronage network that lined the pockets of those close to power.

The reality is that change will not come to the North West when people like Supra Mahumapelo continue to lead the province from the ANC’s provincial offices, and convicted fraudster Tony Yengeni leads the ANC’s campaign against crime and corruption form Luthuli House. The ANC is not capable of correction. Only a DA-led government can build a North West that work with and for the people.

For too long the ANC has allowed corruption, maladministration, and mismanagement to flourish and become an accepted transaction. It is time for the new Premier to walk the talk; and if he is serious about putting the people first, he must start by taking action against those who were responsible for the abuse of the people’s money.

In order for the province to rebuild we need a change in government that has the political appetite to address the rampant corruption and mismanagement. Failure to do so will only lead to a complete financial collapse and an even greater decline in service delivery.

The people of North West deserve Change that will champion service delivery, build an economy that creates jobs, and keeps our people safe.