DA welcomes SABC ‘Sex for Jobs’ Commission of Inquiry

01 Jun 2018 in News

The DA welcomes the announcement by Acting SABC CEO, Nomsa Philiso, that the public broadcaster will institute a Commission of Inquiry which will investigate the prevalence of sexual harassment at the SABC.

The initiative to investigate the “sex for jobs” scandal at the public broadcaster is long overdue. Vulnerable young people in the entertainment industry, particularly women, are often expected to perform sexual favours in exchange for jobs and opportunities.

The scourge of sexual abuse is exploitative and those who have been accused of initiating these acts must be suspended pending the Inquiry. This is a particularly insidious form of corruption, one which takes advantage of vulnerable job-seekers and violates their right to dignity irreparably.

Furthermore, the DA welcomes the SABC’s Commission of Inquiry into whether there was any external political and commercial influence affecting the SABC’s news agenda during the period of 2012 – 2018.

The DA calls on the SABC to ensure that these Inquires are transparent and independent and hopes that the outcomes will set the tone for a safer and more conducive working environment.