City Power to embark on Repair and Maintenance of City streetlights campaign

Issued by Herman Mashaba – City of Johannesburg Mayor
26 Jul 2018 in News

Today, I joined City Power officials to conduct maintenance and repairs of streetlights in Gallo Manor,

Sandton (Region E).

This forms part of the City’s efforts to address malfunctioning streetlights which have exposed residents

to safety and security concerns due to cable theft, illegal connections and vehicle collisions with

streetlight poles.

As part of our programme of bringing Diphetogo (fundamental change) to the City, in the 2018/19

financial year, the City has set aside R45 million for the installation of new public lighting city-wide,

including in our informal settlements, as well as an additional R20 million for the repairs and

maintenance of existing public lighting within the City.

This is a substantial increase from the R1 million allocated for this purpose in the previous financial year

(2017/18). During the same period, City Power installed 1, 245 streetlights across the City of

Johannesburg at a cost of R7million.

As part of Diphetogo, our residents will experience streetlights being installed and maintained across

the City in a way which makes our streets less desirable to criminals.

We must make Johannesburg shine brighter at night, and assist the work done by the JMPD and other

law enforcement authorities to make our communities safer.

Over the coming weeks, City Power will cross the length of breath of this City, from Midrand to Soweto

and Roodepoort to Alexandra, repairing streetlights that have defects, straightening poles that have

been knocked down in vehicle collisions, replacing covers that have been removed through vandalism,

replacing fittings and installing photo cells.


Photo cells play an important role in ensuring that streetlights are switched on during the night and

switched off during the day.

When photo cells are vandalized, the streetlights malfunction, leaving residents in the dark.

In some cases, street lights may stay on during the day when photo cells have been vandalized and

damaged. This puts a strain on the network as it has a negative impact on energy efficiency.

Residents are urged to report theft and vandalism of streetlights, cable theft and vehicle collision with

streetlight poles at 011 490 7911 or 011 490 7900 or 011 490 7504 or 011 490 7553 or at their nearest

police station.