Maimane requests access to secret contract between Ramaphosa Jr and controversial company Bosasa

Issued by Mmusi Maimane – Leader of the Democratic Alliance
11 Nov 2018 in News

The PAIA applications can be accessed here and here.

I have today submitted two separate applications in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) – one to the Presidency and one to the African Global Group, formerly Bosasa – to gain access to the contract for services rendered by the President’s son, Andile Ramaphosa, to the controversial facilities management company, Bosasa. This is to ensure that Andile Ramaphosa has not received any preferential treatment – including alleged kickbacks – by virtue of him being the son of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Earlier this week in Parliament, I asked President Ramaphosa whether he had any knowledge of an alleged R500 000 payment to Ramaphosa Jr from Bosasa CEO, Gavin Watson. I presented both a proof of payment and sworn affidavit supporting this payment. President Ramaphosa responded by confirming the payment, but then said his son had explained it as a payment received for legitimate “consulting” services. He further said that there is a contract between his son and Bosasa for these services, and he had personally seen this contract.

However, someone is being economical with the truth, as Andile Ramaphosa has since gone on record denying that he had received any payment from Bosasa in relation to this allegation.

It now emerges that Andile Ramaphosa is directly involved in no less than 30 companies – any of which may have rendered services to Bosasa. In a country where almost 10 million of our people are unemployed and cannot find work, any shadow of doubt pertaining to the President’s immediate family must be thoroughly interrogated to ensure that no undue influence, malfeasance or corruption is present. If there is nothing to hide, both Andile Ramaphosa and African Global Group (Bosasa) should have no hesitation in releasing the contract that underpins their agreement and relationship.

Bosasa has secured several lucrative contracts with government departments and entities – including the Departments of Justice, Correctional Services and Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) – worth over R10 billion. Moreover, this is the same company that allegedly funded former President Jacob Zuma’s birthday bashes in 2015 and 2016, to the estimated value of R3.5 million.

It is worth noting that while President Ramaphosa tried to speak tough in Parliament – insisting that he would personally ensure his son is held accountable if any irregularities exist – when pressed to take action and release the contract that exists between Ramaphosa Jr and Bosasa, he ignored such calls.

I asked the President to publicly:

  • Divulge the nature of the “consulting services” his son, Andile Ramaphosa, rendered to Bosasa;
  • Release the contract between his son and Bosasa, which he claims to have seen; and
  • Clarify why, if this payment was legitimate, it was made to a trust account and not to his son’s business account.

The President has since failed to do so.

For the ANC, rich and connected “insiders” continue to unfairly benefit at the expense of poor and unemployed “outsiders”. Jacob Zuma’s family and children benefited corruptly from his Presidency. We cannot continue down this path under the Ramaphosa Presidency. Full transparency and accountability is the least we can expect from President Ramaphosa.