GDP growth good, but 9.8 million South Africans still jobless

Issued by Refiloe Nt'sekhe – DA National Spokesperson
04 Dec 2018 in News

The DA notes with apprehension that South Africa is officially exiting the recession it was forced to succumb to, with a GDP growth of 2.2% (quarter on quarter). This increase may bring some relief but not for long – and not for the 9.8 million South Africans whom are unemployed or have given up looking for jobs.

Economic growth may have improved slightly in the third quarter, however overall growth for this year has been very weak thus far. The growth illustrated by Stats SA does not objectively provide any hope for the 9.8 million unemployed South Africans – nor does it illustrate that our governing party has any long-term plans for our nation’s prosperity. This follows the fact that two of the three major rating agencies still have South Africa’s sovereign credit rating in solid Junk Status. Clearly the ANC government’s plan, or lack thereof, is not illustratively comprehensive enough to boost our economy in the long run and provide jobs to the 9.8 million South Africans who are currently unemployed.

Almost 10 million South Africans remain in poverty, unable to feed their families and live in inhumane conditions. South Africans are in desperate need for a government that will prioritise the creation of employment opportunities for an economy that has been left in tatters by the mismanagement, corruption and looting of the failing ANC.

South Africa’s poor economic growth does little to represent the plight still faced by millions of individuals who are desperate for a chance to remove themselves from the cycle of poverty the ANC has condemned them to. The DA is the only party that will build one SA for all and ensure that every citizen is afforded the opportunity to better their lives through meaningful and rewarding work.