Mooted inauguration arrangements a waste of public money

Issued by Solly Malatsi – DA National Spokesperson
14 Apr 2019 in News

The DA is statement issued yesterday by the Presidency announcing that the inauguration of the President elect of South Africa will take place at Loftus Versfeld stadium under the theme “Together celebrating 25 years of freedom: Renewal and Growth for a better South Africa”. This is a complete violation of the separation between party and state. By using an ANC aligned theme, the Presidency is unlawfully and prematurely declaring an ANC ‘victory’ before the elections have been held.

The ANC’s willful violation of the electoral code of conduct portrays the panic that has set in within the organisation, as a result of evidence that clearly shows that South Africans are opting for real change away from the failing ANC.

This also explains why the ANC has resorted to a ‘scorched earth’ election campaign strategy to ferment chaos in areas such as Alexander, Cape Town, Caledon and parts of Tshwane in order to hide its failures in government.

In addition to prematurely announcing inauguration arrangements, the desperate ANC government also sent a request to local municipalities asking them to provide transport to ‘delegates’ that will attend the Presidential inauguration (see letter attached). Should this request be actioned, it will be an abuse of state resources at a time when state finances are in a precarious state due to years of ANC corruption and mismanagement.

This request to Limpopo municipalities is not only inappropriate but shows that ANC will rather appropriate public funds for ‘feel good’ activities rather than improve the delivery of services to some of the most underserved communities in the Province. Some of these are literally bankrupt from continued looting from ANC loyalists and can no longer serve the people of those areas. To now redirect stretched funds for a rent-a-crowd activities is quite frankly criminal. This will yet another burden on so-called “zombie” municipalities, who are unable to provide even the most basic levels of service and will cost ratepayers throughout the country tens of millions of rand.

This money could have been better spent on improving crumbling healthcare infrastructure, under-resourced schools and our poor road network. That the ANC sees no urgency in investing public money in these critical service delivery areas, show how they have become disconnected to the daily struggles of ordinary South Africans.

The DA is encouraging all South Africans vote for change and resist the ANC’s full on assault on our democracy and abuse of state resources to preserve a political system that only benefits a connected few.