National Police Commissioner to monitor investigation into case against ANC for instigating violence in Alexandra

Issued by Solly Msimanga – Gauteng Premier Candidate
22 Apr 2019 in News

The DA received feedback from the National Commissioner of the South African Police Service, General Sitole, stating that he will monitor the investigation into the case opened by myself, against the ANC for instigating violence in Alexandra, with the purpose of influencing the outcome of the Elections on 8 May.

General Stole indicated in his letter to me that he will monitor the investigation and provide feedback on the progress made.

Since the case was opened, more evidence has emerged from investigations by the JMPD into allegations that ANC members coordinated protest action and violence in Alexandra. In a search operation by the JMPD, an ANC branded vehicle loaded with old tyres was discovered. It is suspected that these tyres were intended for barricading roads as part of the shutdown. One of the occupants in the vehicle who was arrested is a known ANC member.

Based on this new evidence, I call on General Sitole to personally ensure a swift and efficient investigation by the SAPS into ANC instigated violence in order to guarantee a safe and peaceful election on 8 May.

It has become clear that the ANC is feeling increasingly uncertain about an election victory on 8 May and are desperately trying to cling to power. It is however a shame that the ANC will choose to resort to violence in an attempt to retain power.

The people of Gauteng are ready to vote for real change led by an honest and caring DA government.