Carbon Tax Bill will lead to further job losses and higher cost of living

Issued by Kevin Mileham – DA Shadow Minister of Energy
16 May 2019 in News

In February this year, Parliament passed the Carbon Tax Bill which will see companies which exceed the threshold of carbon emissions, charged R120 per ton of carbon dioxide emissions, following the polluter pays principle.

However, the polluter will not be the only one paying. The passing of this Bill means that on 1 June, petrol and diesel prices will increase by 9c and 10c per liter respectively, to incorporate carbon tax.

Once again South Africa’s heavily taxed consumers must pay the price for others’ failures, and fund the bottomless pit of state capture, corruption and maladministration.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is the only party which opposed the Bill. Carbon taxes will only lead to further job losses and higher cost of living.

South Africa does not need further taxes, as it will only lead to stagnant economic growth which we cannot afford. Taxes need to be decreased to attract foreign investment, stimulate economic activity and create jobs.

The Carbon Tax Bill is a job killing tax and it is proof that government does not know how to address climate change.

Instead of taking carbon emitters head on, the ANC would rather have ordinary South Africans bear the brunt.

The Democratic Alliance would impose heavy fines for polluters, and ensure that our country is taking active steps to reduce carbon emissions. Taxing South African consumers is not the way to solve this problem.