Jacob Zuma has no new grounds to appeal High Court legal fees ruling

Issued by James Selfe – DA Federal Executive Chairperson
14 Aug 2019 in News

The Democratic Alliance (DA) notes former President Jacob Zuma approaching the Supreme Court of Appeals to overturn the 2018 North Gauteng High Court ruling that he pays back money incurred by the State for his myriad of legal cases.

The DA is of the view that there are no new grounds for the former President’s latest application for leave to appeal, as he already tried and failed in a previous bid to have the High Court judgment overturned.

The truth is that Zuma amassed millions of rands in legal fees for the alleged crimes he committed in his personal capacity which had nothing to do with his role as MEC, Deputy President or President. He is therefore personally liable for the costs incurred, and he must pay for it himself.

If Zuma was truly innocent, he would not engage in frivolous litigation in an attempt to milk the public coffers to pay for his legal challenges. He made his bed, and now he must lie in it. So too must any public office bearer who engage in legal matters in their personal capacity.

This latest application for leave to appeal is not only an attempt to have the State pay Zuma’s legal fees, but it seems intentionally designed to undermine the High Court’s judgement.

The DA trusts that the Supreme Court of Appeals will deal with this matter swiftly and decisively.