Deputy Finance Minister Masondo’s alleged abuse of state resources requires investigation

Issued by Dr. Dion George MP – DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Finance
16 Sep 2019 in News

The Democratic Alliance (DA) notes shocking reports indicating allegations that Deputy Finance Minister David Masondo stands accused of using state resources to settle a personal score with an ex-lover by having her arrested, by the Hawks for extortion.

The Hawks are mandated to target “serious organised crime, serious commercial crime and serious corruption” – none of which apply to the instance of a settlement agreement between individuals who shared a romantic affair.

If Masondo did in fact use his influence and abuse his position, it would be in breach of the Executive Members’ Ethics Act, and he should be investigated for such. The DA will refer this incident to the Public Protector for further investigation.

While the DA leads the charge to remove Adv. Busisiwe Mkhwebane as Public Protector, and maintain that she is not fit to lead the Chapter 9 body, breaches of the Executive Members’ Ethics Act can only legally be investigated by the Public Protector.

Masondo did not want his relatives involved nor to have his lover contact his wife – so instead, he repeatedly offered her monetary compensation in return for “peace”. The woman was allegedly taken aback by such an offer, and reportedly stated that she was worried he was trying to set her up for extortion.

The argument reportedly ended when she agreed to settle on a down payment needed for her psychological treatments to manage the post-abortion depression she was facing.

Masondo’s ex-lover thought she was receiving her first medical monetary contribution from Masondo when the individuals, undercover Hawks officers, who delivered her the money, arrested her instead, on charges of intimidation, harassment and extortion.

This would appear to be highly unethical in nature due to the fact that there are several reports indicating that there is proof that a monetary agreement was reached between Masondo and the ex-lover, for which she was later allegedly arrested for by undercover Hawks personnel.

If Masando is indeed found guilty of abusing his office and state resources, he is not fit to be part of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Executive, especially in the influential and important portfolio of finance.