DA to lodge complaint against SAA for price gouging repatriation tickets

Issued by Ghaleb Cachalia MP and Mat Cuthbert MP –
11 Jun 2020 in News

According to the South African Airlines (SAA) website, repatriation tickets from Washington, United States of America (USA) to OR Tambo International Airport, South Africa have increased in price by 133.3% from roughly R15 000 to R35 000 in under a week.

This comes off the back of SAA and aviation authorities’ decision to block international airlines from providing a similar repatriation service in order to monopolise the market and prop up our failing national carrier.

In view of this action and its implications on lives and livelihoods, the Democratic Alliance (DA) will write to the Competition Commission to request an investigation into SAA for price gouging.

It is only fair and consistent to hold state owned entities (SOEs) to the same standard and sanction as meted out to private businesses that have used the Covid-19 pandemic to profiteer off the backs of South African consumers.

Prima facie evidence indicates that there is a clear cut case against SAA and the DA expects that the Competition Commission will perform the requisite due diligence to investigate this matter.

The DA eagerly awaits the outcome of this investigation and trusts that it will be handled in a swift and judicious manner to prevent South Africans from being denied re-entry into their country and others to perfom the requirement of their jobs abroad on the basis of unaffordability.

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