DA Councillor Jeff Zwane of Metsimaholo elected as Mayor

Issued by Werner Horn – DA Free State Chairperson
03 Dec 2021 in News

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Free State is pleased to announce that Councillor Jeff Zwane of Metsimaholo Municipality has been elected as Mayor uncontested this morning.

Mestimaholo has been riddled with mal-administration and serious service delivery challenges for a long time. The time to correct that starts today. The DA is excited to bring the much needed change for the people of Metsimaholo.

Our main focus is to get the basics done by delivering better services and build a financially stable Municipality. Revitalising the local economic growth and turn things around is also on top of the list.

During the campaign, Councillor Zwane told the people of Metsimaholo that he will govern in the interest of the community and he still stands by his word.

It will not be an easy road, however we will get things done.