DA strongly objects to proposed regulations to Health Act

Issued by Michele Clarke MP – DA Shadow Minister of Health
12 Apr 2022 in News

Please find an attached video and soundbite by Michele Clarke MP.

The DA objects to the Regulations in the Government Gazette to the National Health Act 61 of 2003 in the strongest possible terms. There are numerous serious concerns with the proposal and it is very clear that the Regulations were drafted with the sole purpose of shifting lockdown powers to the Minister of Health.

It seems that President Cyril Ramaphosa and his government want the lockdown to be over in name only. The Regulations will allow the Health Minister:

  • Permanent power to lock us down;
  • Force Covid-19 vaccination; and
  • Force compulsory medical examinations, tests, and treatment for certain notifiable diseases.

While the DA is strongly in favour of vaccinations, we believe in every individual’s right to choose.

These Regulations were plainly drafted to create an alternative avenue for the ANC government to gain unregulated power, which will certainly be used for corruption.

They were also drafted:

  • without considering the latest scientific evidence;
  • the strength of the current variant of Covid-19;
  • the fact that the majority of South Africans have developed some form of immunity;
  • hospitals and medical institutions are no longer under severe strain or pressure as they once were; and
  • the daily infection and death rates are substantially lower when compared to the previous variants of the virus.

These regulations will also place undue burdens on employers and various establishments and possibly violate individual rights and freedoms of those persons who test positive for the virus – all while having no demonstrable effects on reducing the spread of Covid-19.

The truth is that most countries have lifted their regulations entirely as new variants of Covid-19 seem to be less infectious. They have focused on regenerating their economies to limit the serious economic damage the pandemic caused on households. In South Africa, unemployment lines keep growing and instead of doing everything in its power to halt the economic decline, the ANC government seems focused on holding on to ill-gained powers.

There should be no need whatsoever to return to another National State of Disaster through the Regulations of another piece of legislation.

The DA will make our submissions to the Department of Health, and we encourage all South Africans email their objections to the Regulations of the National Health Act 61 of 2003 to tsakani.furumele@health.gov.za before 15 April 2022. Together, we can put a stop the ANC’s dastardly plan to usurp our rights.