Fuel Price Deregulation moves forward, as Parliament gazettes our Bill Notice

Issued by Kevin Mileham MP – DA Shadow Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy
11 Jul 2022 in News

Please find attached English and Afrikaans soundbites by Kevin Mileham MP.

The DA’s fight to slash the fuel price takes another big step forward as Parliament gazetted the formal notice of intention for this Bill to be introduced on Friday.

Last week the DA submitted the full text of our Fuel Price Deregulation Bill to Parliament for them to process, and bring it forward so that it can go to a vote as urgently as possible.

Ultimately, the ANC has no choice but to support this Bill – it is the only viable solution on the table to bring relief to the people of this Country who are drowning under rapidly rising prices and cost of living.

The DA’s demand is that the fuel price must be slashed by ending the exorbitant ANC government taxes on fuel, and stopping the ANC government from centrally controlling the fuel price and keeping it artificially high.

An artificially high fuel price simply means more taxes for the ANC government’s coffers. And money in the ANC government coffers funds corruption, cars, houses and luxury for ANC insiders.

By ending the unnecessary taxes on fuel, and deregulating the fuel price, the DA estimates we can lower the price at the pumps by up to R9 a litre. Right now, R9 a litre off the fuel price would make an enormously positive impact on people and business.

At Friday’s prices, if Parliament agrees to the DA measures to lower fuel prices by up to R9 per litre, we would drive the petrol price down to about R17.50 per litre.

And once price equilibrium is established around this R9 per litre price reduction, with a deregulated fuel price, lower oil prices in due course will mean that the price at the pumps will continue to fall.

While the ANC government does nothing but raise the fuel price, the DA is fighting all out to lower the fuel price permanently. Our Bill before Parliament will be a most telling test for where the ANC’s loyalty lies on the exorbitant fuel price: To itself as it extracts maximum taxes, or to the country which is buckling under the fuel price rip-off.

The publication of the Notice for our Bill, invites the public to comment in support of lowering the fuel price by deregulation.

The DA encourages and invites every person who wants to see lower fuel prices to please comment favourably on today’s notice to introduce our Bill.